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FutureOffice Ergonomics, Inc. ph: 570-454-8300 fx: 570-455-7773
; May 2013
Terms and Conditions
Ordering Information:
Call customer service at 570-454-8300 or FAX 570-455-
7773 or e-mail
You will need to know the model number, color (if an
option) and quantity to place your order.
Cancellations and Changes:
Cancellations and changes must be made within 24
hours after receipt of initial order. Any changes or
cancellations after that time may be subject to a 15%
cancellation fee. Custom products may be subject to
“work in progress” charges as well as any cost of mate-
rials incurred for the order in addition to the cancella-
tion charge.
Damage and Claims:
All merchandise has been carefully inspected and
packed prior to shipment. Upon receipt of an order,
the following ICC regulation procedures should be fol-
lowed. Claims reported after 15 days may be refused,
so please follow the guidelines below.
When a carrier Arrives:
-Inspect all cartons for damage and verify carton quan-
-Do not refuse merchandise damaged in transit.
-Record damages and/or shortages on the freight bill.
-Sign only for the number of items you receive.
-If you give the delivering carrier a signed receipt for
a shipment without noting problems or discrepancies,
the carrier is relieved of further responsibility.
If Product is Found Damaged Upon Opening
the Cartons:
Notify the carrier at once and request an inspection.
-Confirm the request in writing within 15 days of date
of delivery.
-Hold cartons and units for carrier’s inspection.
Freight and Weight:
All products are shipped F.O.B. Destination except when
noted otherwise. (i.e. tables are F.O.B. origin) When
freight quotes are requested, for special shipping
arrangement other than our normal shipping, they
are estimates only. We are not responsible for actual
charges in excess of an estimate. All weights are ap-
proximates and should be used only as a guide.
We warrant our products to be free from defects in
materials or workmanship for the period of ten years,
with the exception of one year for all soft materials
(fabrics/vinyls/rubber) used on the wristrest, mouse-
pads and mousetrays. This warranty excludes damage
resulting from shipment, storage, alteration or misuse
of the products. FutureOffice reserves the right to
repair or replace the damaged products.
Terms and Pricing:
Terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. Past due
amounts are subject to an 18% (Eighteen percent) annual
finance charge. All prices are subject to change without
Returns must have prior authorization. To request a
return, call or write Customer Service. Once approved,
your return will be assigned an authorization number and
you will receive further instructions. The order must be
shipped back with the authorization code visible on the
box, or it will be refused.
All returns must be shipped freight prepaid. A minimum
charge of 25% will be accessed on all returns to cover the
cost of inspection, refurbishing, and restocking. If any
excessive damage is evident, credit will be determined by
market value. Returns must be made in original cartons
with proper inner packing, with all necessary hardware.
All returns must be made within 60 days from the date
of invoice and products must be returned within 30 days
from the date of return authorization.
Storage and Restocking:
If a dealer refuses to, or is unable to accept delivery of
any shipment, FutureOffice will transfer the shipment
to storage. The dealer will be responsible for all storage
and/or transfer charges. A minimum restocking charge
of 25% will be charged for all returns to cover the cost of
inspection, refurbishing and packaging.
Product Specifications:
The specifications included in this price list reflect the
information available at the time of print. FutureOffice
reserves the right to make changes in style, dimensions
or specification of any product without prior notice and
without incurring obligation for these changes.
Right of Ownership:
Title to the product will pass to the purchases upon
payment. FutureOffice retains a purchase money secu-
rity interest in all products sold to purchaser, and to all
products now or hereafter acquired by purchaser, and to
any products thereof, until the purchase price and any
other charges due to FutureOffice have been paid in full.
Purchaser agrees to execute any financing statement or
other documents that FutureOffice may request in order
to protect FutureOffice security interest. Upon purchas-
er’s failure to pay FutureOffice within the time stated, Fu-
tureOffice shall have all rights and remedies of a secured
party under the Uniform Commercial Code, which rights
and remedies shall be cumulative and not exclusive. Pur-
chaser herby appoints FutureOffice as attorney-in-fact to
execute all documents necessary for protecting Future-
Office security interests.
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