FutureOffice Catalog 2013 - page 4

Premium Keyboard FO-008
• Fits in 90° corners without a cornermaker
• Built-in sliding left/right hand mouse tray
• Built-in fingerwells on underside ease positioning
• Built-in cord manager for mouse and keyboard cords
• Built-in mousequard keeps mouse in place
• Memory Foam Palmrest is anti-microbial
• Platform size is 21” long x 13” deep
• Mousing surface is 8” x 12”
• Mousing surface is optically friendly
• Supports most ergo computer keyboards
• Smooth underside won’t snag clothing
Available in colors: Black (standard)
Burl, Brushed Pewter and Bronze are available at an upcharge of $120 list per unit.
Mouse Pad
Sliding Mouse Tray
Memory Foam Palmrest
Mouseguard/cord holder
Built-in wire managers
Burl Option
FutureOffice Ergonomics, Inc. ph: 570-454-8300 fx: 570-455-7773
; May 2013
FO-008/06623 - $398.00
Best combination for corner applications. The track on the mecha-
nism is 23” and requires at least 23 1/2” clearance under the worsurface for proper installation.
The neck is 7 1/2” and offers 8” height adjustment range.
FO-008/06721 - $391.00
Best combination for a straight edge applications. The track on
the mechanism is 21” and requires at least 21 1/2” clearance under the worksurface for proper
installation. The neck is 5 1/2” and offer 6” height adjustment range.
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