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About Mechanisms
The purpose of the mechanism is to allow the user to adjust the keyboard up or
down, in or out and also adjust the tilt, all intuitively and with minimal effort.
23” 23” 21” 17” 17” Track Length
5.5” 5.5” Neck Length
10” 7.5”
Free Float Mechs (4)
Insta Knob Mech (1)
Free Floats
Adjusts in height with just a touch, no knobs or levers to loosen or
adjust. Tilt adjustment (+/-) done one-time with one knob.
Knob Control
One knob releases the mechanism for both height and tilt.
Spring Assist
The spring keeps the keyboard tray from falling on your lap when
you release the knob or release a free float by touch.
Track Length
The longer the track, the further under the worksurface the
keyboard can be stored.
Neck Length
The longer the neck, the greater the range of height adjustment.
Sit/Stand (SS)
Allows the user to work in a sit or standing position. (FO-06923)
06923 12.5” YES YES Teflon Glide 23 1/2” YES
06623 8” YES YES Teflon Glide 23 1/2” YES
06721 6” YES YES Teflon Glide 21”
06717 6” YES YES Teflon Glide 17 3/4” NO X X X X
02517 5” YES YES Teflon Glide 17 3/4” NO X X X X
What mechanism works where...?
Mech Height Free Spring Track Type Track Full
Worksurface Depths
Model# Adjust Float Assist Length Kybd (clearance under surface)
Range Storage 18” 20” 24” 30” 90°
FutureOffice Ergonomics, Inc. ph: 570-454-8300 fx: 570-455-7773
; May 2013
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