FutureOffice Catalog 2013 - page 8

Economy Keyboard Drawer
FO-048 $188.00
Drawer style keyboard tray with swivel type
mousing surface. Platform size is 20” long
and 10” deep. Slides on 16” ballbearing
Laptop Solutions
FO-038 - Laptop Locker - $240.00
fits laptops up to 2 1/4” h x 18 3/4” w
x 17 1/2” d
Key lock.
Padded wrist area.
Heavy duty steel construction.
Stores under the surface on ballbearing slides.
Installation requires a minimum of 17 1/2”
under the surface clearance.
Good ergonomic set-up for a laptop, is for user to have
a separate ergo keyboard that plugs into the laptop and
is supported by keyboard tray This will give that person
the ability to raise or lower the keyboard to the correct
arm height and allowing the monitor section to be on
higher plane with top of screen at eye level.
The keyboard should be at a height that is natural to
your body. Just bend your arms at your elbows into a
90° position and then extend your fingers as if you are
going to use the keyboard. That is the correct height
for the keyboard so that you do not develop shoulder
or wrist pain. Refer to Ergonomic workstation evalution
on page 14.
Laptop Locker
Laptop shown on FO-009
Keyboard tray.
FutureOffice Ergonomics, Inc. ph: 570-454-8300 fx: 570-455-7773
; May 2013
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